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About the Simplistic Mobility Method®

The essential, non-negotiable movements to assess yourself, move well and avoid injury - keeping your joints healthy & core strength in check.

The Simplistic Mobility Method ebook & supporting videos contains a tried & tested program for you to follow to feel better than you ever have before.

🌎 Used by over 35,000 people worldwide!

🤗 Beginner Friendly!

🏠 Easy to do at Home!

No equipment needed. Nothing fancy. No big words. Just great drills with simple explanations.

One-Time Purchase,
Lifetime Access

No ongoing subscription, you get exactly what you need right now in the most efficient way possible!

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SMM is Designed To:

  • Assess your entire body's flexibility & stability
  • Check for any imbalances
  • Teach awareness of your own twists & turns
  • How to fix them in 30 mins, 3-4 times per week

What You Get With SMM

Simplistic mobility method devices
Tom Morrison SMM Chart icon

The Simplistic Mobility Method ebook contains the unique program, PLUS the tests that you'll be use to measure your progress

Tom Morrison video icon

Video Follow Alongs with Tom and Jenni at full level & at complete beginner level for you to easily learn & avoid common mistakes

Tom Morrison info icon

Expert instructions, breakdowns & demos of how to use the Method plus extra information, regressions & reasoning behind the exercises

Tom Morrison lightbulb icon

A Cheat Sheet showing all the exercises in extra detail, with exactly which muscles are targeted + extra tips and things to look out for!

Simplistic mobility method devices

Frequently Asked Questions

No, The Simplistic Mobility Method® is a one-time purchase of £69 and you get lifetime access (with lifetime updates too!)

To put this in perspective, when I hurt my knee, I spent 6 weeks of physio on it - that cost me about £300. When I hurt my shoulder that was 3 sessions: £150.

When I badly injured my back, I pretty much went every week for 6 months straight just to get some relief... I don’t even want to calculate that.

The Simplistic Mobility Method® is £69 once. For a lifetime of benefits.

You’ll learn about your body, how to spot injuries before they happen, it is a tried and tested method with real athletes. After people use SMM they have found that they no longer need to go to Physio as often, or even at all.

PLUS! As an extra added bonus, you’ll become a part of a global community of SMMers via our Facebook group, where you can ask questions directly to people who’ve been using the method for years, and directly to Tom & Jenni who are very active in the SMM community.

After working with so many people over the years, there are always things we miss about training, mobility, and recovery – no matter how much research and practice you do. You will pick up imbalances and compensations over years of small mistakes, misinterpretations, and even daily habits.

The Simplistic Mobility Method® allows you to learn what your body can and can’t do right now and you can use the tests & methodology to keep maintaining and checking your body throughout your entire lifetime.

SMM is designed to make your joints sit and work correctly and teaches your body to move as one unit with great muscle activation.

The best injury is the one that never happened!

It doesn’t matter what you like to do for physical activity or training, everyone has the same joints and muscles, and they need to have a certain baseline mobility & stability to function well; SMM is that baseline.

Your body won’t be sore all the time if it moves well.

After you buy, you’ll receive an email with your login details and a link to sign into your new dashboard!

If you don’t receive an email, make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

If it’s not there either, simply go to and click “Forgot Your Password?” to generate a new sign in email for you. Some email hosts don’t like automatic emails and block them to protect you from spam!

Once you’re signed in, you will see the Simplistic Mobility Method® on your dashboard, and from there you can click into it and navigate through all the videos & PDFs easily.

Everything is stored online for you, and any updates we make to the program will automatically appear for you.

If you ever forget your password, don’t worry! The “Forgot Your Password” feature is always there! You won’t lose your account.

After your first session. Yeah, really!

In your first session you run through a series of tests before and after. Some people notice visual improvements right away, others just feel better, taller or that they are moving easier. Many are shocked at how much they struggled with (but this is a good thing, means there’s loads of gains to be had!)

After that, as you’d expect, the more you use the program the faster you see results. You start to really see differences after 8 sessions. So, if you can manage 4 times per week - that’s only 2 weeks to awesome!

An SMM session will take about 30 minutes, so it is pretty easy to slot into even a busy timetable. We’d recommend between 2-5 sessions per week, depending on how much time you have available.

The better you get at SMM the less frequently you’ll need to do it. Plus, we have consistency tips like the “1-Rep Method” inside the ebook for anyone short on time, alongside a way you can condense your mobility practice into a 5 minute-a-day routine!

Your very first session will take longer, often around an hour because you’ll go through a full body assessment, and you’ll want to watch the videos to check the technique, tips and progressions. You’ve also got optional checklists and note sheets that you can use to mark your progress.

Even if you can only manage one session a week it’s better than none!

Yes! Don’t worry, trying to get flexible before starting a mobility program is like trying to learn to drive before your first driving lesson!

The Simplistic Mobility Method® is what you need to increase your flexibility in a safe way. Not just stretching for no reason, but intentional, directed exercises to build both mobility and stability.

All the exercises have different levels of regressions/progressions so you can do SMM no matter what level you’re at.

And on the flip side, if you are too flexible then the movements are also designed to develop control, add more stability, and build confidence in your body!

If it is a fresh injury, it’s always best to have an in-person assessment by a Physiotherapist, preferably one with an active/sports background who understands the type of training that you do. If it is intense, sudden sharp pain or nerve pain then I’d recommend seeing your doctor and make sure you get cleared to do mobility work.

However, if you have an old injury that’s still giving you niggles, recurring aches/pains, or you’ve lived with things like disc injuries for a long time and you’ve already been through all the proper channels then you will be ok to use SMM and try just using the regression examples with relaxed breathing.

Technique is key so make sure to film yourself as you are doing the SMM movements - a lot of times what you think you are doing and what you are actually doing can be very different, so it’s always good to double check everything!

If you feel stuck or scared that you’ll hurt yourself further, it would be good to book a video call with Tomto get more guidance specific to your own training and injury history.

Yup, the Simplistic Mobility Method® is designed to help the human body – regardless of what sport that body does.

In our SMM community group we have footballers, crossfitters, kettlebell athletes, powerlifters, weightlifters, rugby players, runners, normal gym goers, bodybuilders, coaches, physiotherapists, bodyweight enthusiasts, pole dancers, even people that aren’t interested in fitness and just want to feel good in their day-to-day life!

We all have a body, sports and activities is all the fun stuff you can do after your body moves well. SMM is like the background operating systems of your phone to keep it running smoothly. If there’s a ‘bug’ in a specific area, your body will not perform the way it should!

Yep! We would argue that SMM is an essential part of your training. It runs through everything you need for good performance.

No more wasting time trying to figure out what’s causing that niggle, rolling out tightness, or getting stuck as a plateau, SMM gives you the tools to actively support and progress your training.

However, if you’re really in a bad way with a current or longstanding pain and your tests show that you have a lot to work on, then we recommend focusing solely on SMM for a few weeks and then return to training when you’ve improved your movements.

Nope, not at all! Every exercise can be done at home, at the gym, while travelling... any where!

Every movement we use is bodyweight. The aim is to teach you how to move using your own body as the main tool, rather than relying on external forces!

As a UK company, we charge in GBP. But we don’t add on any conversion fees! So, you can use Google to check what the current conversion rate is for SMM! There may be fees added by your own bank, but you would need to check with them.

Reviews for the Simplistic Mobility Method®

Louise Lambert, Simplistic mobility method (SMM) review

Louise Lambert
Simplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review star

I've been doing SMM for 6 months. 

I was thinking how awful my back pain was this time last year, and how scary it was. I journal my thoughts and prayers, and was reading how desperate I was in November last year. 

I am so thankful for SMM. I still have pain which varies in intensity but I have some days where it's nearly gone. Overall my whole body feels so much better. I'm stronger, more flexible, have way less injury anxiety plus of course I am 2 cm taller.

I hope to continue to improve and trust the process, and make progress and enjoy better quality of life

So thank you Tom and Jenni and this group for your advice and reassurance


Jaime Korbecki, Simplistic mobility method (SMM) review

Jaime Korbecki
Simplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review star

SMM has really done a great job of getting me painfree without surgery for the back. 

Really helped me slow down and listen to my body and discover where I needed to strengthen and what muscles were overcompensating. And more importantly, how to do it. 

Probably the only workout that makes me tired, but I feel sooo much better afterwards. It's a really good life lesson program.


Daniel Robert, Simplistic mobility method (SMM) review

Daniel Robert
Simplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review star

Well here we are then, happy two year SMMiversary to me.

This is in fact my only exercise at all this week as I've had a week off the iron while I settle into a new job.

Two years in and SMM is still quite easily the programme that gives me the most satisfaction!

I've done lifting programmes such as 5x5, Wendler, paid for monthly coaching and with my occupation I've always done my own programming anyway.

But SMM is something different:
  • It is always there when you need it,
  • 97% of the time you will feel better for doing it,
  • You encourage others and become a source of wisdom,
  • It comes with this fabulous friendly group,
  • It will strongly support you in your flong and sexible goals!

After two years of SMMing you might look at me and think shouldn't this guy look amazing doing
this by now and be doing deep lunge rotation into blindfolded one armed handstands while
reading a book?

Truth is I use SMM to help me keep my dreams alive of getting stronger and hitting more Strongman PBs!

My life is heavy destructive lifting, poor sleep and high stress levels. So I have used SMM to become more mobile but mainly to not get any more broken than I was in Feb 2020.

I can 100% guarantee this though..

If all I did was SMM and no heavy lifting I would feel physically brilliant because SMM takes the stress away and makes the joints feel good again!

Do I want to keep improving and feel better than I do today? Damn right I do.

SMM for life!


Luna Artemis Rose, Simplistic mobility method (SMM) review

Luna Artemis Rose
Simplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review star

Holy f**k - just got rid of a shoulder injury I have had for 20 YEARS!!!  

Did SMM yesterday then did my yoga practice today - shoulder was making me bad at yoga, now the misalignment is gone I find I'm actually good at it.

No wonder I had no energy it was affecting my whole body. 

I feel young again! 

 Tom Morrison is indeed a god.


Alison Crutchley, Simplistic mobility method (SMM) review

Alison Crutchley
Simplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review star

Five-and-a-half week retest! Fifteen sessions in.

Before in grey top, now in black. Excited to see how much less wonky I am face-on and I think I've got less of a forward lean now, too.
Things I couldn't do a single one of at the beginning that I am now rocking:
90/90 pushbacks
Side plank marches (I did twenty each side this morning, would you like me to show you? Shall I show you again?!)
I'm much more upright in my squats too. 
Running also feels so much looser and stronger
And amazingly, I can now sit on my office chair without pain!
Alison2.jpg 100.22 KB


Brava Foxytrot, Simplistic mobility method (SMM) review

Brava Foxytrot
Simplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review starSimplistic Mobility Method review star

An unintended SMM benefit?!

I’ve been doing SMM for about 3 weeks. And I’ve noticed improvements in the actual movements, but also NO stiffness when I wake in the mornings and when I move around.

However, one thing that’s driven me crazy about my flexibility (or a lack thereof) is that in BJJ, we are on our knees a lot, (I’m in the purple) and my butt could not touch my heels when seated in someone’s closed guard! There would always be like this 3 inch gap between my butt and my heels. My training partner said I needed a bigger butt!! But I knew it was my own flexibility issues.

The last week or so I felt my butt graze the top of my heels while seated and I was astounded! My butt has not grown I assure you, but for some reason these movements are helping me sit properly in this position.

This is a silly little victory but I’ll take it!!

bravo.jpg 87.51 KB


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