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Tom and Jenni met in 2014 when Jenni moved to Northern Ireland and joined the gym Tom coached at - they instantly clicked. They both knew what it was like to be so worn out with constant injuries when you just wanted to train and have fun.

Jenni got Tom his first ever article submission with the online magazine Boxrox and then started joining in with Tom’s video content online - no one can demonstrate a bad rep like Jenni can, which is invaluable for helping people to learn! They went on to submit articles for the likes of T-Nation and Breaking Muscle, building a worldwide following.

Tom morrison & jenni sanders simplistic mobility method.
Tom morrison & jenni sanders seminars.

With Jenni’s design background and everything in computer wizardry, she designed their first website and got the Simplistic Mobility Method launched as an online program in 2017 and expanded their coaching reach globally.

Since then, Tom and Jenni have become proper business partners. They’ve held seminars all over the U.K. and Ireland that are attended by everyone, including physiotherapists and doctors, to learn about their methods and experiences. Plus, they share loads of free information on their YouTube channel.

Tom and Jenni’s mission is committed to helping people no matter who they are reclaim what they’ve lost and learn how to just have fun again.

Tom Morrison

Tom morrison simplistic mobility method.

Tom doesn’t have the athletic training background of most coaches; in fact, he didn’t have any interest in physical fitness until he was 24. This is what sets him aside from most trainers: he can relate to having no body awareness and limited mobility and knows that it’s changeable.

Unaware of this at first, his newfound fitness enthusiasm led him down a path of multiple injuries, the worst being an L4, L5 disc protrusion & extrusion with nerve impingement, which left him in chronic pain.

Tom went from finding real passion for strength, skill, and fitness to becoming a walking injury that couldn’t put his own socks on. His journey from this, his lowest point both physically and mentally, back to full health is what makes him the globally renown coach he is today.

He realised that the people labelled with life-changing or scary diagnoses often struggle to complete basic movements and that simply spending time with the right exercises can transform someone’s life.

In 2017, he developed The Simplistic Mobility Method as the non-negotiable checklist of what every person should be able to do for stable, mobile joints through complete, full body strength. SMM has withstood the test of time, helping people with different training histories and injury backgrounds overcome what they thought they never would have.

Usually you’ll find Tom upside down, lifting something heavy or being absolutely ridiculous in some way to show you that no matter how bad you end up physically there is always a way back. His teaching is so easy to follow and enjoyable - plus he breaks things down in a way that’s easy to understand and remember, without bombarding you with the industry jargon.

Tom morrison simplistic mobility method.

Jenni Sanders

Jenni Sanders simplistic mobility method.

Jenni has been active from a young age, from childhood swimming & gymnastics to becoming a black belt in Taekwondo, from kayaking to developing Yoga skills, Jenni was always happiest when taking part in some physical activity. But it was always an uphill battle.

Jenni has Joint Hypermobility Syndrome which caused her to struggle with everyday things like chop vegetables, open jars, press down onto paper as she cut it... it would cause her pain in in her fingers and wrists. If she needed to walk more than a few miles she’d be close to tears with the pain in her ankles, knees and hips.

Every attempt she made to make herself stronger in and out of the gym resulted in injury after injury, disappointment after disappointment. She was operated on, had physiotherapy for years, was on and off crutches and unable to keep up with friends because she would need to sit down or sit out due to pain. Every time she did anything it felt as though she was one small movement away from injury.

Jenni had two options: either give up and accept that she would never be able to do the things she wanted or find a better way to build strength.

If you see Jenni in the gym now, she’ll be one of the coolest people in the room: lifting heavy weights, doing back flips, nailing the coolest handstand shapes and not scared to do anything silly at all.

Her commitment to putting the work in to build stability through her joints is nothing shy of amazing. Where so many people would give up or just decide to rest, Jenni would always be there putting the work in with whatever she could. Over time, the length between tweaks, pains or injury increased until she became the badass that we know her as today!

Jenni Sanders simplistic mobility method.


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